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Sunday, June 14, 2015


I've retired from traditional work.  One might think I'll now have more time for blogging.  Not so.  I'll keep the blog going, but I anticipate postings to be quite infrequent.  I'm also cutting way down on other time consuming things like the social media. 

I've worked as: a stock boy, silkscreen sign-maker, janitor, indexer, systems test technician, cost engineer (and manager), business planner, application consultant, market developer, knowledge management web manager, product manager, administrative librarian, and library director.

Some of the places I've been to on work matters: New York City, Owego, Kingston, Southbury, Poughkeepsie, Cambridge, Oxford, Newcastle, Leeds, Paris, St. Louis, San Diego, Rome, Vatican City, Stuttgart, Brussels, Dallas, Albuquerque, Ontario, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Tijuana, Santa Barbara, Omaha, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boca Raton, Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Buffalo, Washington DC, Bethesda, Hartford, Beijing and Los Angeles.

It was all very interesting.  It's now time to start whittling away at a long retirement bucket list.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rebirth Day


I've decided that the first sunny spring day (and I use that term loosely in these parts) that has a crystal blue sky, shall be deemed "Rebirth Day."  Find the nearest stream, and soak in its beauty for several minutes.  Best therapy in the world.

The above video, take this morning (April 25), is of the stream off Taconic Lake Road by the Taconic Lake Association pillars.  Its waters derive from rainwater and springs feeding Taconic Lake.  It leaves the north end of the lake and winds its way down to Taconic Lake Road.  Next, it weaves back and forth down Toad Point Hill, crossing Route 22 in Petersburgh, where it then heads north via the Little Hossic River until it joins up with the Hoosic River and evenutally makes its way to the Hudson River.  From there it works its way down to, and past, the "Big Apple" before entering the Atlantic.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring is Springing!

Spring's cancellation has been cancelled.

The woodpeckers pecketh,
The lake thaweth,
Spring is springing!