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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Blue Benn

The historic Blue Benn diner in Bennington. Conveniently located next door to Wassick's Tire Service. I frequented this gem at the beginning of winter while my snow tires were mounted and yesterday while they were removed. The building is a Silk City Design creation prefabricated in 1948 at The Patterson Vehicle Company in Patterson, New Jersey. Sonny and his wife Marylou have been running the place since 1973.

I feasted on a gigantic shiitake mushroom and broccoli omelet, home fries and coffee for $10 (incl. tip). The menu is extensive with many varieties of pancakes, omelets, french toast and more. When I was there in December, eggnog french toast was on the holiday menu. Lunch and dinner are also served (the offerings are displayed in a bit out of control fashion as 1-page Microsoft Word print-outs along the entire length of the wall behind the counter). The ambience will take you back in time. Old mini-jukeboxes at each table.

Everyone these days talks about diversity. Well the Blue Benn Diner has its own unique diversity offering: attorneys and bankers sitting side by side with loggers, Bennington College students and truck drivers.

A "Warning: Cash Only" enterprise.


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