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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taconic Mountains

The Taconic Mountains orogeny is geologically distinct from those of the Green Mountains and the Berkshires. They cover a stretch of about 150 miles from southwest Vermont near Brandon to southeast New York, cutting into northwestern Massachusetts in the process.  Click here for the Google Maps "Terrain" view of Brandon, Vermont.  Zoom out and you can view the Taconic Mountains, working their way down the border between Vermont, Massachusetts and New York.

The highest peak in the Taconics is Mt. Equinox in Manchester, Vermont at 3,816 feet. Interesting factoid: the average base to summit temperature change is 10 degrees.  The Taconic Mountains formed in the Late Ordovician (a mere 450-500 million years ago) when an Island Arc collided with eastern North America.

Taconic Orogeny - Collision of Island Arc and Proto North America

Map of the main mountain ranges of the northeast Appalachians