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Friday, September 30, 2011

Eastern New York Geological History

I just came across this book in the RPI library while doing a search on Taconic MountainsThe Rise and Fall of the Taconic Mountains; A Geological History of Eastern New York is just that -- a fascinating, colorful history of the geology of our region. There are a several pages covering the Rensselaer Plateau (Late Ordovician and the Taconian Orogeny: 452-445 million years ago). It mentions "The Rensselaer Plateau Fault Slice -- overlies the Curtis Mountain Slice in the East Chatam Quadrangle and forms the dominant topographic feature in Rensselaer County; consists of the Rensselaer Graywacke (the oldest strata in the Taconics) with associated basalt dikes and sills, and maroon light green shales. Moved during the Taconian Orogeny (Phase IV)."

The book is authored by Donald W. Fisher, New York State Paleontologist Emeritus, with Stephen L. Nightingale. It was published by Black Dome in 2006. Check out Black Dome Press's other titles on the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson Valley that are also quite interesting (e.g. Berkshire & Taconic Trails: A Ranger's Guide).


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