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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rensselaer Plateau

I created the above map of the Rensselaer Plateau using Google Maps' "My Maps" feature. You can create all kinds of maps yourself. First, go to Google Maps. Next, click on the "My Places" command button. Then click on the "Create Map" command button. The rest is pretty intuitive. You can draw shapes, highlight in different colors, add placemarks, etc. You can then save the map and make it publicly available or not on the Web.

Click here for the "live" version of the Rensselaer Plateau map I created. Try putting your mouse over the "Traffic" button at the far right and then clicking "Terrain" to really see the outline of the Plateau and the Taconic Mountain range to the east. Use the zoom in bar at the upper left edge of the map to zoom in and get a better view of the Plateau outline.


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