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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Petersburgh, New York

The above, grayed out area, roughly outlines the location of the Town of Petersburgh within the Rensselaer Plateau. Ten towns comprise parts of the Rensselaer Plateau.

Petersburgh became a distinct and separate town on April 4, 1791, having been sliced off what had been, at that time, a much bigger Stephentown. Yet it still contained much of what is today Grafton and Berlin.  It was named after Peter Simmons, an early settler. A detailed map of the Town of Petersburgh is available as part of a Rensselaer County map at the GIS & Mapping section of the Rensselaer County Online. The elevation at the Petersburgh Town Hall at 65 Main Street is 730 feet. The 2010 census population of Petersburgh was 1,525 -- a decrease of 2.5% from the 2000 census. Petersburgh is serviced by the Berlin Central School District. The Little Hoosick river flows north through the middle of the town and empties into the Hoosick River in North Petersburgh. The town recently added an "h" to the end of Petersburgh, desiring to reestablish its original spelling which had been discarded at one time. The United States Post Office is yet to adopt the town's desired spelling.

Taconic, is the largest industry in Petersburgh. From the Taconic corporate website, "By pioneering the manufacture of PTFE coated fabrics and other high-temperature/non-stick materials, Taconic has become a leading supplier to the food processing industry. They also supply a wide range of coated materials, including tapes, fabrics and belts for a wide variety of industrial applications. The company's Advanced Dielectric Division supplies high-quality circuit board materials to the fast growing wireless communications industry."

It's been a tough year given the economic environment, brutal winter, ice storm and tropical storm. But here's a quote from A Brief Outline of the History of Petersburgh, NY:  "Nevertheless, times were hard. Continuous wars with the French and the Indians resulted in much destruction and bloodshed. On several occasions the primitive farms along the Hoosick and Little Hoosick were burned out and their inhabitants killed or dragged off as slaves to Canada. In 1747 the entire settlement of Dutch Hoosick was sacked and burned by French troops. Then in 1754 the rebuilt settlement was once again put to the torch by marauding Indians." Maybe things aren't so bad now... 

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