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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sand Lake, New York

The above, grayed out area, roughly outlines the location of the Town of Sand Lake within the Rensselaer Plateau. Ten towns comprise parts of the Rensselaer Plateau.

The Town of Sand Lake was formed from Greenbush and Berlin June 19, 1812. A detailed map of the Town of Sand Lake is available as part of a Rensselaer County map at the GIS & Mapping section of the Rensselaer County Online. The elevation at the Sand Lake Town Hall at 8428 Miller Hill Road is 790 feet. The 2010 census population of Sand Lake was 8,530 -- an increase of 6.8% from the 2000 census. Sand Lake is serviced by the Averill Park Central School District.

The Sand Lake History website has an interesting image "The School of Sand Lake 1876" that provides a map of the town populated with photos of the tiny school buildings at that time. What strike me in looking at the photos -- like so many Rensselaer Plateau photos of that time -- is how deforested the area was. We can count ourselves fortunate for the reforestation and efforts of organizations like the Rensselaer Plateau Alliance and Rensselaer Land Trust for this. We can also count ourselves fortunate that we live in a rather crime free area. It was not always the case, as this item from the Sand Lake Historical Society's Historical Highlights' "Protection Against Horse Thieves"  -  notes:

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