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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hezekiah Coon Inn

Hezekiah Coon Inn
New York State Historic Marker
Beautiful Hezekiah Coon Inn is on Coon Brook Road in the Town of Petersburgh. The New York State historic marker reads:

First Town Meeting Held here
April 5, 1791. H.
Coon Moderator; J. Odell
Supervisor; J. Greene Clerk

The History of Petersburgh, New York provides some additional detail on the town's leaders during this event: "Moderator, Hezekiah Coon; supervisor, Jonas Odell; town clerk, John Greene; assessors, Benjamin Hanks, Randall Spencer and John Nichols; commissioners Abel Russel, Luke Greene and Matthew Randall; poormasters, David Randall and Hezekiah Coon."

I had to look up what a "poormaster" is. A poormaster is a supervisor of the relief of the poor. They would validate those who applied for relief and issue funds. "Moderator" refers to one who presides over a meeting -- similar, I imagine, to a meeting "facilitator" in today's parlance.

I find historical markers interesting and hope to eventually have a posting on all that are on, or near, the Plateau.

Hezekiah Coon Inn


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