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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rensselaer Plateau Nordic

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The Troy Record recently featured interview Dawn Bishop, founder and director of Rensselaer Plateau Nordic: "Five Questions for Nov. 18, 2011: Dawn Bishop."  I think the mission of this organization is terrifiic:

"Rensselaer Plateau Nordic, Inc. (RPN) is a not-for-profit; volunteer run organization dedicated to providing Nordic recreational opportunities and wellness education that result in improved health outcomes for New York’s Capital region children and their families. Our unique program offers children ages 5-12, the opportunity to learn cross country skiing and engage in other outdoor winter activities, while helping families to understand the impact of good nutrition and physical activity on health outcomes now and in the future."

Today's kids have really become couch potatoes. I remember growing up exploring frog ponds and playing sandlot baseball and hockey in the canal. Parents: put a strict time limit on your kids computer game playing and get them out there cross-country skiing!  Combat the obesity epidemic.  Bravo Dawn Bishop!