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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rahob Dharma Center

Meditation Hall (Buddhist)
 18 Hewitt Road - Petersburgh
Meditation Practice: Sundays, 11am-noon
Rahob Rinpoche, Head Lama
"Rahob Rinpoche began his career as the reincarnated head of Rahob Monastery in Tibet at the age of three. His lifetime dedication in helping others is inspiring to all of us. He graciously offers his knowledge and exuberance for life. Rahob Dharma Center in Upstate New York in the Berkshires has cultural, religious, and practical practice for cultivating the mind. Enjoy, learn and bring home knowledge on Mindfulness, Self-improvement, Healing Habitual Patterns, Mind Training, Reducing Stress, Anger and Fear and nurture the way we live."
(credit: Rhahob Dharma Center Website)

Rahob Dharma Center website

A Visit with Rahob Rinpoche (credit Go Beyond Words: Wisdom Publications' Buddhist Blog)

Rahob Dharma Center

Meditation Hall Weathervane