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Friday, February 24, 2012

Cohoes Falls

I've always thought nearby Cohoes Falls was underappreciated by the residents of the Capital District who have this natural wonder in their backyard. I recommend taking a drive to the small park over the Falls at the end of Spring Street after several days of heavy rain or a rapid snow thaw to really witness things ripping. Click here for the map -- then click the "more" to the left of the map, then "Street View," then press down on your mouse's left button and continue to hold while moving your mouse to view the Falls and adjacent park.

Here's a really well done video on this treasure.

Over the Falls - Cohoes, NY

From the rise of morn till set of sun
I have seen the mighty Mohawk run,
Oh! I have thought, and thinking sighed
How like to thee, thou restless tide!
But urgent as the doom calls
Thy water to its destined falls,
And the last current cease to run!
Oh may my falls be as bright as thine!
May heavens forgiving rainbow shine
Upon the mist that circles me,
As soft as now it hangs over thee!
 Opening to  "Lines, Written at the Cohoes Falls of the Mohawk River"

1804 - Thomas Moore (Irish poet)


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