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Monday, April 23, 2012

Barton and Priscilla McLean

The McLean Mix
I'm sometimes amazed to find the scope of interesting people and institutions living in or located way out here on the Plateau. The Grafton Peace Pagoda and Rahob Dharma Center come quickly to mind in this regard.

Last week's issue of the Eastwick Press brought my attention to two very interesting Plateau neighbors: Barton and Priscilla McLean.  The Eastwick Press article, Petersburgh Library Gets Grant For McLean Project, that talks about a Community Arts Grant that will be used for Petersburgh resident artists, Barton and Priscilla McLean, to produce a video "Peter's People: Working the Dream" about the community of creative and artistic people living and working in Petersburgh.

I was not familiar with Barton and Priscilla McLean or their work, but a bit of Internet searching quickly led me to the Barton and Priscilla McLean website.  They, and their work (they perform under the name The McLean Mix) are fascinating. I suggest going through a number of the videos on them referenced on their home page. Priscilla has written an autobiography that sounds fascinating: Hanging Off the EdgeThe video below provides a good sample of their electroacoustic music.

Rainforest Demo
Barton and Priscilla McLean


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