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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Do Bears Eat Rigid 2" PVC?

Black bear visit last night. LARGE black bear visit. I suspect he/she started with the bird feeder. Which of course, he/she bent to the ground like a wishbone. That's been done before. He liked the seed mix and decided to move on and look for more. He/she found it. In the locked shed. Locked? No problem.... karate jab through the door. Oh... LOTs of seed in this closed, galvanized garbage can. Hmmm..... what's in that cardboard box? Oh... schedule 40 2-inch rigid PVC conduit couplings. Yummy!

Looks like I have a Saturday project repairing a shed door. Oh... and there will be no more birdfeeder.  Sorry guys.

Bear Discovers Bird Feeder
Bear Removes Shed Door Finding the Seeds and PVC
Bear Leaves "Present" (sneaker is a size 12 men's)


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