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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Need a Master Carpenter?

Paul Lattan & Brett Tyson

This is an unabashed plug for two journeymen tradesmen I think very highly of -- Paul Lattan (carpenter and mason) and Brett Tyson (plumber, electrician and oft-times carpentry partner of Paul). They have done a superlative job refurbishing our lake house. The project was managed from the perspective of historic preservation and the use of natural colors (e.g. Chateau Green shingles) and materials (e.g. only real, natural wood -- including entrance door). Here's a list of the work these two craftsmen did on the house:
  • Part of our house was built in 1940 and part in 1990. The 1940 half had a dirt crawl space with a serious moisture problem resulting in rotted beams, joists and plywood walls as well as unsafe wiring and plumbing not to code (to put it mildly). This section was excavated, the house jacked up and cinder block walls added. 
  • Rotted joists and beams in crawl space replaced.
  • Extensive bad wiring in crawl space replaced.
  • Crawl space insulated.
  • Repaired dysfunctional (very) crawl space plumbing.
  • Installed new lighting throughout crawl space.
  • Replaced very large previous deck that wasn't safe (considerably below spec -- especially the disintegrating sonnet tubes), nor connected properly to the wall -- with a new one. Retained original architectural design.
  • Rock walls installed in several areas (similar to photo above). Rocks were taken from the excavating to install cinder block walls, new power line feed and french drain.
  • Sloping area of side yard leveled out, adding significant new usable space.
  • Winterized a "bump-out" kitchen nook that had jutted out from the house but would get very cold since outside air would get under the floor. Floor enclosed and insulated to ground level.
  • Rotted house trim and cedar shakes replaced.
  • Poorly fitted and aged patio doors replaced (now air tight).
  • New, all wood, front door installed (perfectly fitted).
  • Replaced rotted roof wood and fascia and re-shingled (after the above photo) roof. (Previous shingles were 20+ years old and had not been properly installed.)
  • Repointed mortar on two chimneys. 
  • Installed a french drain around entire house to capture water runoff from sloping hill and divert around the house.
  • Installed a new underground service line from the house to power pole feed. (Conduit around previous wiring had not been properly glued together resulting in multiple cracks/breaks in line which resulted in water during heavy rains filling the conduit and gushing up into the service box with obvious safety and wire contamination issues).
  • Installed outside motion-detector spotlights.
  • Cleaned and tuned boiler. 
  • Snaked TV antenna coaxial cable through walls and installed wall plate.
  • Added electrical outlets and light switches to screen house.
These guys can do it all.  I trust them and I admire their work. I highly recommend them. Whenever they'd discovered an unforeseen problem, they'd bring it to my attention.  They do things right. Paul tells me booked up at the moment, but taking bookings for later in the year. His cell phone number is (518) 925-0270.

Construction still in progress: Raised bed septic system (Excavator: Duane Goodermote, Engineer: Bill Cottrell) and propane-fueled backup generator for entire house (Electrician: Ben Krahforst/ACT Electric).


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