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Monday, May 14, 2012

Animals Feasting Under Your Car

Red Squirrel
A friend of mine, who lives a bit north of the Plateau in a rather rural area, just had $1,000 of repair work to the wiring of his car due to a hungry groundhog he had been noticing in the vicinity of his car. The car repairman also noted teeth marks in nuts and bolts.

Great!  I guess a garage moves up a notch on our house "wish list."  Meanwhile, I've been hunting down prevention tactics.

I came across this blog entry: How To Keep Animals From Eating Your Car.  The strobe light idea sounds logical. I have an emergency strobe light in my car emergency kit that runs off the 12 volt cigarette lighter socket. But do I want a strobe light emanating from the bottom of my car all night?  Not really. Googling "the problem," yielded the following potential solutions:
  • Moth balls (Too many people said it is not effective)
  • Fabric softener sheets ( Sounds too good to be true)
  • Wooden frame covered in stretched chicken wire under motor compartment while car is parked. Supposedly the beasts don't like to walk on chicken wire. (Sounds like a lot of work)
  • Mouse trap (There'd be a mouse in that trap every morning in my yard)
  • Sprinkle red/cayenne pepper throughout the engine compartment (Sounds promising) 
  • Rataway (Sounds the promising)
However, many said the only real solution is a garage. And my car hasn't been attacked yet. So... I'm saving my pennies. When I get enough to buy a garage I'll make sure one of the specifications in the plan is "must be tight enough to keep out rodents!"


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