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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Curtis Lumber - Hoosick

Last year, during our house refurbishment, Paul Lattan our Master Carpenter, needed some material. I offered to drive to Home Depot to pick it up and he responded, "Don't go there Bob, go to Curtis Lumber." After some 10 or so follow-on visits to Curtis  (just off the northeast tip of the Plateau), I realized how right he was. The small Mom & Pop hardware stores are gone, but Curtis Lumber -- at least in Hoosick -- reminds me of them. The service and support is phenomenal. Yesterday, for example, I went there to pick up some Watco Danish Oil to add another coat to my cherry rustic slab desk. I was studying the back of the container, and an employee came over to help me. Turns out he's a fine woodworker who was a fountain of information. Yet, one of the questions I peppered him with, he wasn't 100% sure of, so -- right then and there -- he phoned Watco Customer Service and got me the answer.

Oh, and one other thing -- Curtis is an underwriter for Vermont Public Radio. I like that.

4915 Route 7 - Hoosick

Sign on Rt 7 between the Hoosac School and All Saints Episcopal Church in Hoosick.


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