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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rustic Cherry Slab Desk

Pictured above is the desk constructed from the slab of rustic cherry I purchased from Carpenter's Touch.  They cut it to my dimensions, added Cherry Danish Oil, and connected the left support with pegs and glue, and cut the "2x4" right support piece that I bolted to the wall.

Bolting this very heavy (2-inch thick) slab of cherry to the wall required careful measuring, leveling and drilling.  The wall is pine so stud location could be a challenge.  I started out with my trusty stud finder:

After wasting about an hour searching for ever so slight magnetic action, I realized it was time to invest in a new stud finder.  There's got to be something better.  There sure is. Enter the Zircon Multifunction i520 OneStep electronic stud finder. I call it the stud finder. At $50 it was quite the investment, but I must say it performed as advertised and is an amazing device. It accurately locates the center of studs up to 1-1/2" behind walls, and did so flawlessly through my pine.

Next up: In search of the right chair to go with this desk.


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