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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fairpoint Communications to the Rescue!

Fairpoint Communications Support

Friday, Dec. 21, approximately 9 a.m.: Forty foot white birch crushes utility and phone lines in 30+mph wind gusts.  Sparks aflying, white flames aflaming.  Initial report made to National Grid.
Friday, Dec. 21, approximately 4 p.m.: Plea to National Grid.  "This is no joke -- Utility Line Massacre.  Request reinforcments."
Saturday, Dec. 22, approximately 1 p.m.: National Grid calvary arrives. Repairs line. "That other line ain't ours -- phone company's." "Do you notify them?" "No."
Saturday, Dec. 22, approximately 1:30 p.m.: Call to Fairpoint Communications Support. "How Can We Help?"  -- "By sending in the Navy Seala to rescue your line, about 200 feet of which is on the ground awaiting snow plow blades and about 1/8 mile of which is, shall we say, "hanging low" over the road."  "We're on it. Dispatch made."
Wednesday, Dec. 26, approximately 11 a.m.: Fairpoint repair truck rounds the bend and gets to work.
Wednesday, Dec. 26, noon:  Everything is going to be allllllll righhht!!!  Another chapter in the December 21, 2012 Utility Line Massacre comes to a close.  Life is good.


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