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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Satellite Propane Tank Monitor

During last week's 24-hour power outage, our Kohler generator took care of matters but I noticed that our 1,000-gallon underground propane tank was at the 30% level.  Not too bad, but it might get dicey in a real extended outage or if the road was blocked -- as it was -- by a white birch slaughtered power line that was firing white lightning from a half-dozen cuts in the wire. 

First Fuel & Propane, had developed a delivery schedule based on our customary propane usage.  I called them and asked for more frequent deliveries in order to keep the level above 50% as a hedge against extended power outages.  Instead, they told me they would install a satellite wireless remote tank monitor in my tank at no charge.  Yesterday, in the middle of the snow storm, they did exactly that.  I'd been happy with this company for the past two years and this new capability has further impressed me with their excellent service.

Austin and David
Wesrock Satellite Transmitter atop Underground Tank


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