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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Wind Storm of December 21, 2012

KNYGRAFT2 Weather Graph
These charts are from my weather station.  Note in the chart above, wind gusts have hit the 20+mph range -- and the wind anemometer is about 5 feet above our raised bed septic system -- way below the tops of the surrounding trees.  I think the wind at the tree canopy levels cound approach double this.  So trees are down again.  One was down right outside my office window in RPI's Folsom Library.  Many down on Hoosick Street in Troy.  At least two of my co-workers lost their roof shingles.  One, who lives in the Town of Brunswick, lost all her evergreens. 
Here at the lake, a good size tree came down on the west side of Taconic Lake Way and took the power with it.  An upcoming post on that.  Closer to home, we lost the following smaller tree that was near our raised bed septic system.  Every lost tree is painful.
The good news (at least for us):
1.  I could drive to our house via a route which normally isn't snow plowed because we haven't had significant snow accumulation (yet).
2. The Kohler generator, installed in September, is powering this posting:
But, the propane supply clock is ticking....


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