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Friday, December 21, 2012

Waiting for National Grid

National Grid Power Line "Aflare"

Power Line Slaughtered - Taconic Lake Way (west)
The tree came down around 9 a.m. this morning, bringing with it about 1/4 mile of power line.  National Grid was immediately notified that sparks were flying -- not just power out.  A safety issue.  Another call to National Grid around 4 p.m., notifying that 4 or 5 white flares were emanating from the wires on the ground.  Surrounded by brush.  Homes in vicinity. At least turn off this portion of the network so a fire doesn't start and fix ASAP.  I was told the dispatch would be made immediately.

I now know how the folks in Queens (NYC) felt during their Tropical Storm Sandy fires and dealings with the Long Island Power Authority.  It's 6pm as I type this.  The power is still out, but I hope National Grid has at least addressed the sparks/flare issue.  I can't tell because I'm inside 1/4-mile away from the "root cause."



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