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Monday, January 14, 2013

Monsieur Lazhar

Monsieur Lazhar (Trailer)

I just watched the film Monsieur Lazhar.  In fact, I watched it twice in two days (something I never do) and enjoyed it even more the second time.  It now goes down in my list of all-time favorites.  Best movie I've seen in a very long time.  I will be ordering a copy from because it is most definitely "a keeper."

From the Music Box Films website this film,  "Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Monsieur Lazhar tells the poignant story of a Montreal middle school class shaken by the death of their well-liked teacher. Bachir Lazhar (Fellag), a 55-year-old Algerian immigrant, offers the school his services as a substitute teacher and is quickly hired. As he helps the children heal, he also learns to accept his own painful past. This moving film features exquisite performances by Fellag and a stunning ensemble of child actors."

Because of this film, I will no longer avoid foreign films with subtitles -- I forgot I was reading them I was so mesmerized with the film.  The casting is impeccable, the acting extraordinary, the music haunting.  I have never seen acting be children to be so convincing.

Click here for a larger version of the trailer.


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