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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thermal Leak Detector

When the temperature dips below 0 degrees, as it did last night and early this morning when my weather station indicated a frosty -15 degrees, I often find myself reaching for my Black & Decker thermal leak detector.  It uses infrared sensors to measure surface temperatures.  Press the button, aim and the LCD display provides the temperature at the target spot, plus projects a blue light for problem areas.

It's much cheaper than paying a consultant to do an energy audit of your house and -- if you're like me -- you will be surprised at the unexpected spots where trouble lurks.  Last night, I found a spot inside a closet (with poor insulation between it and the mudroom) that was a whopper!  Didn't take long to fix that source of heat loss.

Video on how to check for leaks using this cool tool from Black and Decker, the TLD100


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