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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Where Do Turkeys Go in the Winter?

Turkey Track
No, not all of them go to Washington, although a rafter of them (Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio... ) were spotted there last week.  I spotted a huge rafter of turkeys traipsing through the woods Saturday.  I hoped to get a photo, but didn't get my iPhone out of my pocket quick enough.  I take the majority of the photos on this blog these days with my iPhone 5.  Up until last fall, I used a small Canon, but with the iPhone I no longer have to lug it around.  Sunday, I took a walk in the wooks and found photo-friendly impressions of tracks everywhere due to a thin layer of snow on an icy base.

As for the answer to the title of this post, I read a handful of articles and like Ahh.. the life of a wild turkey in winter best.  And, if you're ever in the market for a good book on tracks, I researched this very carefully and acquired the excellent Mammal Tracks & Sign; A Guide to North American Species, by Mark Elbroch and published by Stackpole books.  It was a winner of the National Outdoor Book Award.


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