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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shadblow Tree

Amelanchier canadensis

Last November I had a post about the Elhannon Nursery and the shadblow tree we purchased last November.  The photo above, taken this week, shows what it's like in bloom.

Also called Canadian serviceberry, chuckleberry, currant-tree, juneberry, shadblow Serviceberry, shadbush, shadbush serviceberry, sugarplum, and thicket serviceberry (gasp for air!), the shadblow tree is named for its masses of white flowers that bloom in the early spring when the shad run up the rivers to spawn.  Native to eastern North American, it is a member of the rose family.  It has nice silvery gray bark its leaves turn to rusty red and orange colors in autumn.  It produces berries that birds love and is very disease resistant. The shadblow tree with grow well in sun or partial shade and thrives in moist soils, so it should do very well with our high water table.

Click here for an interesting video on Edward Steichen and his Shadblow Tree.


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