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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hike to Dunham Reservoir

Trail to Dunham Reservoir
Grafton, NY
The sky was blue.  The sun was shining.  The forecast called for an occasional shower.  A good day, I thought, to finally hike to the Dunham Reservoir.  We brought the rain jackets along, but we'll leave them in the car.

There are many trails within the confines of the Grafton Lakes State Park (GLSP).  However, not well known, are the trails to the Dunham Reservoir on the south side of Route 2.  Click here for the Trail Map - Grafton Lakes State Park

The sign above should probably be at the parking area instead of the beginning of the trail, given there's 50 yards or so of high grasses between the parking area and the trail head.

Park in the small, non-descript, parking area maybe a hundred yards west of the loop to the main Grafton Lakes State Park entrance. We took the "Gartler's Trail" (GA), which is marked with yellow trail markers.  There could stand to be a few more markers at the beginning.  There was one point where we had to back track a tad to get back on the trail.  But it is a really nice short hike.  It took about 45 minutes to reach Dunham Reservoir.

Rensselaerswyck Renter's Wall

It's hard to take a walk in the woods of Grafton and not run into a rock wall from one of Stephen Van Rensselaer's Rensselaerswyck tenants. (See: "Anti-Rent War: Tins Horns and Calico")

Wildflowers were in bloom everywhere.  A very large deer (too quick for me to grab the camera.  Lots of interesting trees.

The famous "hanging tree of Bartler's Trail.

Cool mushrooms!

Yet another interesting tree.

Dunham Reservoir
Grafton Lakes State Park
And then the rains began
Paul Caiano, newschannel 13 meteorologist, does a thorough weather report every morning at 6:53 a.m. on WAMC's Morning Edition.  He usually lets you know that the coldest spot on the face of the earth is minus 40 degrees in the Nunavut Territory and that the last reported sighting of hail was somewhere in Bulgaria.  Well, if he asks, let him know that there was a downpour followed by 1/4" pellets of hail on the Dunham Reservoir Gartler's Trail yesterday afternoon at 2:45 p.m.  I was too busy protecting my iPhone from getting drenched at that moment in time to worry about filming the hail.  (Note to self: always take a Ziploc(R)  plastic bag along on hikes... ).

Not another soul encountered on the hike.  A little used gem.  Treat yourself to a real nice walk in the woods right here in Grafton.

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