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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Online Shopping... and the USPS Orange Postcard from Hell

I am not a very material person, opting for simplicity when possible.  When I do want to buy something, I tend to do it online, and most frequently from  I have purchased everything from a TV antenna to a power drill from Amazon and never been dissatisfied.  Impeccable packaging and service.  As I find items they go into my Amazon "cart" until I hit the "free shipping" $25.00 point.  A bit of a "gotcha" since you must remember to choose free shipping -- it's not a default option.  I ordered some copper ground rods and spools of large, 12-gauge wire and forgot to click "free shipping" and, literally, paid a good hunk for my mistake.  I've learned.

I'm also a PayPal user.  Like everything new --first time with an ATM and first time with a credit card (I'm that old)  -- I approached PayPal with a level of trepidation.  But I am a full convert now.  I've ordered stuff from individuals in Brazil, Italy and Spain and paid via PayPal with success.  Vendors and individuals who you pay via PayPal do not see your credit card number or bank account.  PayPal is like a financial switch in the sky.  It, and simple websites, allow an individual to open up an online retail shop and sell to the world.  Quite amazing.

So, I just finished assembling this Weber grill purchased from  Forest Green in color -- a color not available at local establishments.  It blends in well against hemlocks.  No more gas grill... it's now charcoal for outside grilling.

We live one mile down a dirt road.  UPS, FEDEX and DHL deliver right to our doorstep. The United States Postal Service does not.  If it doesn't fit in our jumbo size mailbox out where the dirt road starts, they leave the "Orange Postcard from Hell," and I have to drive to the Petersburgh Post Office before they close at the convenient 3:15 p.m. closing time.  Wonder why the Postal Service is in trouble? 

Orange Postcard from Hell
(....or why the USPS is in trouble)


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