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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stillwater Wood

Stillwater Wood
726 Hudson Ave., Rt. 4
Stillwater, New York
We've been looking at furniture to make efficient use of space in our mudroom and the loft over the A-frame half of our house.  The thinking turned to unfinished furniture.  It's widely available online, but we thought we'd like to actually see the pieces.  A Google search brought up Stillwater Wood, so we decided to take a drive up Route 40 to Schaghticoke Fairgrounds and then west to Stillwater.  It turned out to be a very fruitful trip.  If you've never visited it, be sure to take in the Stillwater Blockhouse -- a short walk south of Stillwater Wood -- if you decide to take a drive there.

Stillwater Wood is in a large factory building on the shore of the Hudson just north of Mechanicville.  They have a huge selection, which you can get an appreciation for by going to their website's image gallery.  I think their prices are quite reasonable and the workmanship excellent for unfinished furniture.  Much of what they sell is made elsewhere, although they do custom work there as well.  They charge 1/2 the price of the item if you want them to polyurethane the piece (1 coat inside, 2 outside).  They only charge $35 for delivery to Grafton.

The larger unit to the right is headed to our mudroom.
One of these will also find a home in our mudroom.
This $49 bench, with room underneath for footwear is headed to our mudroom.

This "cube" will be another mudroom footwear storage unit.

This is just a fraction of their showroom.


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