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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I knew we got a lot of rain last night here at the lake, but having driven to work in my pre-coffee stupor, it didn't totally register quite how much.  My pal Andy sent me an email around noon: "Your weather station says we received 4.6 inches of rain since midnight. Is that possible?"  At first I responded that yes, we did get a lot of rain.  But then it seemed wrong... couldn't be that much.  So I checked Weather Underground stations for Berlin and West Grafton and they were about 2 inches less than my weather station was indicating.  I thought, perhaps, the microswitch in my rain gauge got stuck.  When I got home I realized it was reading correctly.  The lake is up 6 inches overnight and, as you can see above, my canoe and the area around it are a tad damp.  Folks, we got 4.73 from midnight until 8pm!  It was a very localized downburst.  Check out the Rainfall Rate graph below for 4 a.m.:

KNYGRAFT2 Weather Graph


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