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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Discover Your History

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I recently came across a website -- Old Fulton, New York Post Cards -- that will allow you to access over a hundred years worth of New York State newspapers.  Don't let the title fool you.  Yes, you can access images of old Fulton, New York post cards, but you can also access so much more. 

I was hunting down some history for my lake association when I quite literally stumbled on it. What's most amazing to me, as a librarian somewhat familiar with required skills and technology, is that it's all being done by one amazing individual, Tom Tryniski of Fulton, New York.  Click here to read about this guy, who apparently is disciplined, persistent, technologically literate and.... has a lot of time on his hands!

I've been able to answer the mystery of who changed our family's last name from from Maheu to Mayo.  I've also been able to dig out that article on the two doubles I hit off Bobby Leonard in 1966!  Sometimes, of course, history can be sobering, like the Berlin propane disaster in 1962 or, in my case, researching news on my grandfather who drowned in the Mohawk River when I was six-years-old -- not something my mother was comfortable in discussing.  History provides answers to questions, information and a way of making sense out of that information.  I applaud Tom Tryniski for making it possible for us to discover that history.


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