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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"It doesn't change..."

I tend post to this blog a lot more in late spring and summer.  The rest of the year, I try to do at least one per week.  This week, I'm a bit low on ideas so I've decided to rip off a post from my good buddy Dave's Bleecker Mountain Life blog.  I think it's perfect for Thanksgiving.

Dave and I grew up three doors from each other in Waterford.  We built forts and explored frog ponds together.  We endured four years of Miss Filer's math classes together.  We ran cross-country together.  We went to Plattsburgh State together, where everyone was convinced we were brothers.  Now, we both have beards and wear baseball caps because, as Dave says, "Show me a guy with a hat and a beard and I'll show you a bald guy."  Then... like so many guys do, we had virtually no contact with each other for almost forty years.  Now we've reconnected.  We're Facebook friends and enjoy each other's blog.  We have similar views on most things, to the point where it's scary.  We're both liberals living in conservative rural areas.  Anyway, I digress.  Dave recently posted about Jack English and I loved it.  From Dave's blog:

"Jack English, 93 years old, lives in an off grid cabin that he built himself, hewing the lumber from his land in central California’s Santa Lucia Mountains. He's five miles from the nearest road.

Favorite quote- "It's not that I don't like people.  I do.  But I don't like swarms of 'em."

Second favorite- "She told me you go down there and live there now if you want to, and that's what I done."

Third favorite - “I’m just different than most people. I’d rather go back than go ahead.”

Jack English is a curiosity and and oddity to most people.  He seems pretty normal to me.  I don't get it."

He seems very normal to me Dave, he knows what it's all about -- thanks for sharing!


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