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Friday, March 7, 2014

Mill on the Floss Restaurant

Mill on the Floss restaurant

On the recommendation of friends at the lake, we ventured over the Petersburgh Pass and headed down to New Ashford, Mass. to dine at the Mill on the Floss restaurant.  It was about a 50 minute drive.  A check of directions on Google Map Directions produced a tie for going over the Pass or heading down Route 22 and then east on 43.  I decided to make the loop, going via the Pass and returning (after enjoying a few sips of wine) via routes 43 and 22.  The Mill on the Floss is tucked away roughly 3/4 of the distance south from Williamstown to Pittsfield.  Easily accessible from anywhere on the Plateau.

French country cuisine in an 18th-century farmhouse,  it exudes coziness with a decor of rustic elegance, blazing fireplace and dim, warm lighting.  Owned and operated by the Champagne family for over 40 years, it's easy to see why.


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