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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Soul Fire Farm

Soul Fire Farm - Grafton, NY (credit: Soul Fire Farm Facebook page)

Every once in a while, something about the Plateau surprises me.  For example, when I first moved to Grafton, I was surprised to learn that there were two Buddhist establishments within five miles of where I lived -- the Grafton Peace Pagoda (Japanese Nipponzan Myohoji order) and the Rahob Dharma Center (Tibetan) in Petersburgh. I didn't see that coming, but I love it.  I've attended services at both and felt peace.  I like that Jun Yasuda and Rahob Rinpoche are my neighbors. Diversity really is a good thing.

This week, I was reading the Grafton Community Library Newsletter, which I receive via e-mail and an upcoming event caught my eye:

Tips and Techniques for Growing Beautiful, Natural Vegetables in Grafton Soil
Saturday, May 17th @10:30 AM
Some people say that you can’t grow good vegetables in our rocky soil up here in Grafton. Farmers Jonah Vitale-Wolff, Leah Penniman, and Capers Rumph would beg to differ! They are the energy behind Grafton’s own Soul Fire Farm, a Certified Naturally Grown family farm, community resource, and vessel for education that provides vegetables to over 40 families each season from their 2 acres through their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. In this free, interactive presentation they will tell us about their farm and let us in on the secrets of growing abundant, natural vegetables comparable to top quality local produce without any chemical input. Bring your questions!

I wish I could attend this event, but I have another commitment.  Nevertheless, I did some web surfing and discovered the Soul Fire Farm website and the Soul Fire Farm Facebook Page.

Then, I surfed a bit more and discovered this wonderful video filmed at the Soul Fire Farm right here in Grafton.  Pretty good song, as evidenced by over a quarter of a million YouTube hits on it.

Till I Met Thee
Cody ChesnuTT
Filmed at Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, NY


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