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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Garage by Amish Road Crew

Look familiar?  A sight not unlike the delivery, covered last November, in the post The Shed Man Delivers.  Only this time it was the Amish Road Crew, from New Holland, PA,  installing our new garage.  That's a serious flat-bed truck, not a buggy, and serious power tools were utilized (in addition to traditional hammers) throughout the project.

They arrived around 5:30 pm on Tuesday and the four crew members immediately went to work in an attempt to beat the forecast deluge on Wednesday afternoon.  Watching them in action is amazing -- they all know their roles.
Video of Amish Road Crew unloading
These guys weren't that big, but they were lean and strong.

 Video of the guys in action -- they move fast!

Yes, I asked if they were okay in my photographing this project.  The reply: "No problem!"  The fellow behind the window in this video, however, was a tad shy.

I struggled with the Pennsylvania Dutch English. I could handle "Oooh yaah, shay Jake, hey howa doo dee gables looook?" 

After several hours of evening work, this is how it looked and their off to the Grafton Inn Bed & Breakfast, which the guys later gave high grades for lodging and breakfast. They also gave two thumbs up to the Man of Kent for the burgers they feasted on for dinner and to Grafton's Town Store for the scruptious turkey foot-long subs I treated them to for lunch.

I spec'd the exact same Chateau Green roof shingles we had put on our house roof about a year ago.  They go well with the surrounding hemlocks.  I didn't intend to make this guy the star, but he was clearly the least shy of the four crew members.  I think he actually enjoyed being photographed.   He was also a good conversationalist over lunch and the only guy who correctly identified the junco who lives, along with her babies, in a nest in a hanging flower basket on our deck.


Unafraid of heights.  Slaps that automatic nailers around with conviction.

We elected to upgrade to permanent/rigid stairs versus the pull-down type. 

I'm six feet tall and I can stand up in the center of the the loft.  There's a window on each end for cross ventilation (ditto on the first floor).

The Amish Road crew did a nice job matching the forest green on the windows and doors to the door of our house, the gray walls to our gray deck.  Our house is sided with hand-split cedar shakes, so I had the Amish Road Crew leave the "triangle" section over the front overhead door with uncovered Tyvek.  To architecturally blend the garage in with our house, I will be putting up the cedar shakes myself.  Up until a year ago, Curtis Lumber carried them in stock.  Unfortunately, such is no longer the case.  They aren't locally available in Curtis, Lowes, or Home Depot.  I had to scour the Web and place an online order.  They ship from British Columba in a month.  I'll cover that in a post when completed.  I learned a lot about cedar shakes this week. I will also be lining up a local contractor for the electrical wiring.

The garage design is Behm "Craftsman Style 1-Car" (Behm Design 384-6).  I purchased this 384-6 design via Amazon because I could get it cheaper that way.  The siding on the garage is LP SmartSide Lap which is resistant to termite damage and fungal delay -- helpful here being on lake.

A job well done by the Amish Road Crew at a very affordable price.  A great bunch of extraordinarily polite and competent guys.  It took them a total of about 14 hours  (the last two in pouring rain) over two days to install the garage. They left the site cleaner than they found it -- not a single nail to be found on the ground!  I sent them each home to Pennsyvlania with a jug of local maple syrup,

Rolling back the camera....  The Amish Road Crew doesn't do the foundations for sites as far away as Grafton.

The foundation had been installed by D'Agostino Concrete (Troy/Brunswick) several weeks ago. The base beneath the foundation had been excavated and built up by Duane Goodermote Construction (Berlin).  Duane put the base down last November, so it had time to settle, though I noticed no settling whatsoever.  He did our mound septic system several years ago.  He also did the base for our shed and put down stone on our driveway.  Duane and Jarod, his able assistant, are definitely the "go to" guys for this kind of work.


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