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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Strange Weather

Last Saturday, November 22, the low was 11 degrees and the lake was frozen over.  Monday, November 24, the high was 59 degrees and the lake thawed.   Now, it's snowing like a "Governor Rick Perry there ain't no such thing as global warming" day.  And yet the lake is still thawed on November 26th!.  My weather station (click on this site for it, or view the feed from it on WNYT NewsChannel 13 weather maps) is 29 degrees.  Weatherman Bob Kovachick tells me it's going to continue to just before daybreak tomorrow morning.  Looks like a test coming up for the new, unproven, snow-thrower.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Berkshire Battalion and North Adams Steeplecats

I grew up a New York Yankee fan.  As a youngster, I wore the Yankee cap all the time, to the point where my grandmother told me I'd go bald if I kept that up.  Guess what?  She was right.  But nowadays, I've lost interest in big league sports.  Steroids, millionaire second-stringers, crazy end zone dances, absurd ticket & hot dog prices, prima donnas....   I enjoy college and minor league sports much more.  So I was very happy to discover, this week, that nearby North Adams, Massachusetts (blue collar neighbor to preppy Williamstown) has a brand new minor league hockey team.  They also have a New England Collegiate Baseball League team.

Berkshire Battalion
Click here for the Berkshire Battalion website and here for their Facebook page.  The Battalion play in the Federal Hockey LeagueClick here for a team map.

North Adams SteepleCats
Click here for the North Adams SteepleCats website and here for their Facebook page.  The SteepleCats play in the New England Collegiate Baseball LeagueClick here for a team map.

To date, six SteepleCats have made it to major league baseball.

Click here for a tour of Joe Wolfe Field -- home of the SteepleCats.