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Saturday, December 6, 2014

I'm on the e-mail list for the Grafton Community Library and the other day I read about the Grafton Community Book Club and their 2015 book selections for the next six months.   The Witch of Hebron caught my eye because somehow I missed the publication of this book which is a sequel to Kunstler's World Made by Hand, about a "post-oil, post-collapse world" which I had read and enjoyed.  James Kunstler, by the way, lives just a tad north of the Plateau.

I usually borrow books from libraries.  I happen to work in a university library, so that's my normal practice.  When the book isn't owned by the library, I then request it through interlibrary loan.  But if it's a book I want to own or have a lot of time to read, I'll sometimes buy it.  If it's just been released, I'll usually get it through but if it been around for a bit, I check, one of my favorite websites.

AbeBooks, which is owned by Amazon (though that's not made obvious at their website), is a fabulous source for used books and new books.  Virtually every used bookstore in the country garners a significant slice of their revenue pie by making their books available (for a fee to Amazon) on this portal.

You can buy the The Witch of Hebron from : hardcover for $16.89, paperback for $12.03, or Kindle edition for $9.99.  I really prefer the hardcover, print format, so I decided to check to see what was available at AbeBooks.  I plugged the title in the search engine and then sorted by "Lowest Total Price " (i.e. price plus shipping).  Up popped a hardcover copy, in Very Good condition for $1.00, plus $2.46 for shipping -- $3.46 total.  This is not an unusual AbeBooks deal.  I placed my order and about a week later it arrived in my mailbox from Hippo Books, a dealer in Toledo, Ohio.  I'd say closer to "like new" versus "Very Good" condition.  I've bought many books from AbeBooks through the years and have been extremely happy with the service.  Only one time did I feel the condition of the book that arrived was less than advertised by the dealer.  AbeBooks is also a great place to check for that ancient book, long out-of-print, you've been searching for.


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