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Monday, February 16, 2015

Blog/News Readers

You're reading this blog, so you know what a blog/feed reader or personal news reader (or news aggregator, RSS reader, Web-based feed reader, and a whole lot more)  Do you access it via such a reader?  If not, I recommend you look into using one.  I use NewsBlur.   There are many alternatives: e.g. Bloglines, Feedly, My Yahoo!.

Here's how NewsBlur works. Go to  Sign up for a free account.  Click the "+" symbol at the lower-left corner of your screen to add a blog/feed (i.e. copy and past the blog's URL address there).  Repeat to add all the blogs you monitor.  Now, instead of your email being flooded with blog postings, sign on to NewsBlur whenever you feel like accessing the content ("pull" vs "push" content) and you can then toggle through all the postings that have appeared since the last time you signed on by simply clicking on the "Next Unread" command button to the right of the screen.

Here's a starter set of blogs/feeds for your reader: 


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