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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Stuff

You're looking at three flower boxes of snow-creep.  I haven't touched them, but they are starting to morph into art.  Click on the photo to enlarge to fully appreciate.  Gazing at this, after snow-shoeing to check a neighbor's propane tank gauge, got me thinking about this white stuff.  It's interesting how one year there won't be much of it.  Take the winter of 1912-13, for example.  Total snow accumulation in Albany was 13.8 inches.  The winter of 1970-71, on the other hand, saw 112.5 inches in Albany.  Do you remember where you were that winter (if you were)?  I remember it well.  Heck, I even remember the distinct "crunch!"  I was a sophomore at Plattsburgh State and I had a permanent frozen mustache.  Try going into a German class with a frozen mustache and see if you can pronounce umlauts correctly.

Snowfall's not particularly easy to measure.  Click here to read NOAA instructions to its volunteers on how to measure it.  I don't know how much snow we've had so far this winter, but it's a lot and so thoughts turn to all that white stuff on the roof.  USA Today has an excellent article on this subject: "How much snow is too much snow on your roof?"  A key quote: ""More often than not, attempting to remove snow from a roof is more hazardous than beneficial, posing a risk to both (people) and the roofing structure," the Federal Emergency Management Agency warned recently."

Click here for more on snow.


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