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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Coyote Flaco

Coyote Flaco - Williamstown

We drove over the Petersburgh Pass to Williamstown recently to try out Coyote Flaco, a Mexican restaurant on Route 7 (505 Cold Spring Rd.) about 1/2 way between the intersection of routes 2 and 7 (bottom of the Pass) and downtown Williamstown. The restaurant has a nice, fun decor with a wood stove blazing at one end. There's a bar, main dining room and secondary dining room. They ALL filled up that night, so do make reservations. Although a complimentary salsa and chips is quickly delivered to the table, Constant Companion and I shared a Coyote Guacamole that was served in two scooped out avocados -- superb!  We then both chose Quesadillas Linda for our entree -- Constant Companion going with the Vegetarian and I with the Chicken. Very good! (large serving -- 1/2 was doggy-bagged to take home). Very good selection of drinks and Mexican beers. Being partial to amber beers, I went with the Dos Equis XX Amber. CC chose a Sauvignon Blanc glass of wine. The meal was completed with a shared dessert serving of Churros -- my first, and not my last (yummmmmy!!!). Good thing we shared too, or I wouldn't have made it out the door. 

Okay... very good food, very good service (a tad rushed at first, but they got the message), very good value. My only complaint: the parking lot needs work. We were parked along the creek and retainers should be placed there so one doesn't inadvertently shift into forward when departing, or slide into the creek which is certainly possible. However, we both loved the place, were thrilled to find a replacement for the closed Rattlesnake Cafe in Bennington, and I would place it now in my "Williamstown Top 3": 1) Mezze for fine dining; 2) Pera Bistro (my favorite) for special "dinners-for-two"; and now 3) Coyote Flaco for "I got the munchies, I don't feel like cooking, I have a yen for a Williamstown fix" days.  

And, speaking of Pera Bistro, there's an excellent review of that wonderful restaurant in Rural Intelligence -- click here.

Coyote Flaco's main dining room


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