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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Park McCullough House Revisited

A number of months ago I visited the Park McCullough house in North Bennington, Vermont, but the building was closed for tours at the time so I focused my post on the grounds and trails.  Today, we took the tour of the inside of the house and it is fantastic!  It is so cool that all of their original furnishings are intact.  All too often, historic houses have to purchase period pieces to provide the flavor of the times. Not so here --  this is the original stuff!

Above is the dining room where President Benjamin Harrison had the seat of honor on August 18, 1891.  He stayed two days at this house while visiting Bennington to dedicate the Bennington Battle Monument.

The menu for the meal in honor of President Benjamin Harrison

Stained glass windows and skylights were added in honor of President Harrison's visit.

Incredible woodwork throughout the house.

English billiards

Beautiful room, cool gas lamp, awesome view.

The dog house (really)

Carriage House

Pretty fancy stables

Brandy, our terrific tour guide, demonstrates the player piano (video).

Really worth a visit.  Click here for the Park McCullough House website.


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